Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Punched Water Color Flowers

I had some left over paper that I had done a water color wash on for another piece, and I couldn't bear to throw the paper away because I liked the way the colors had blended together. So I decided to salvage the scraps by using a flower punch to punch some flowers that I could use for a flower pot design that had been floating around in my head.
I used handmade paper for the background, some type of construction tape (I have no idea what it's called -- I just liked the way it looked) for the flower pot, and added the punched flowers above the pot to finish it off.

So I was happy... I was able to make a card and put the left over paper to some good use.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Simple Stamped Images On Note Cards

Simple images stamped onto the front of an ivory water color paper note card with a deckle edge makes an elegant statement. The image you choose and the the weight and texture of the paper that you use to stamp on can make all the difference.

For these cards I used Strathmore ivory card blanks with a deckle edge (all the work was already done -- no need to cut and score), chose a stamped image that I liked and stamped it onto the front of the note cards.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mini Art for Cards done in Water Color and Ink

I love to create mini art for cards because when you give the card you also end up giving the person a small work of art that becomes a real keepsake. You can choose to mount the original art, or a copy of the original to the front of your card. The art for this card is done with water colors and ink on water color paper. I made copies of the piece and mounted the copies onto card blanks. It's available at my Etsy store as well as at my Greeting Card Universe store as a print on demand card.
Working with mini art pieces is always a lot of fun. Try putting some cards together and see what you come up with.