Saturday, December 22, 2007

Making Holiday Bookmarks With The Kids

My kids decided that they wanted to make bookmarks this morning (not something that I'd planned, but it was doable). I have a lot of holiday stickers and stamps laying around since I'd been working on all the Christmas and Holiday cards, so finding supplies was not an issue.

We decided on a basic layout that we would use as a guide, and then I let them go to town. It's always interesting when everybody gets the same stuff to work with and you end up with 3 different outcomes.


Monica Yvette said...

Hi, thank you for your comment. I'm glad to be of help. Your blog looks very interesting. "See you" later.

Susan Sonnen said...

Your post brought back happy memories of days of crafts and cooking spent with my little ones! :)
Merry Christmas!

Calabash Creations said...

Thanks for the comments! I love working on stuff with my kids because it gives me an opportunity to create really special memories with them, and they get to unleash their creativity.