Monday, April 7, 2008

Playing With Pigment Inks

Pigment inks are great for working on backgrounds. When I worked on this butterfly, I used the pigment ink dauber to work on the background and then I cut the butterfly shape out of corrugated paper, painted the ridges with black ink and stamped it onto the inked background. This is a simple technique but the end results aren't too bad.


Maggie said...

great idea, I created a butterfly as well and posted on my blog..
Great minds think a like :)

Calabash Creations said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your butterfly as well...very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I never thought of using corrugated board. Have more than enough of that around the house.


Calabash Creations said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you try to work with corrugated paper, I think that you'll be pleased with the images that you can create.