Monday, February 18, 2008

Wire, Ribbon, and Handmade Paper

I've been working on adding a few more pieces to my 'Women In Wire' series. This is 'Gina'. I had a lot of fun working on putting her together.
She is mounted onto a canvas board that's been covered with handmade paper. Her body is made from wire and I've dressed her with wired ribbon ( wired ribbon is a lot easier to use when you need to work out the shape of the dress).

I like working on these pieces because I get to work with some of my favorite things --paper, fabric (in this case ribbon), and wire, and I can create these 'women' who all seem to tell a different story.


Snitterdog said...

This is really cool-- very creative and I love the colors! :)

Calabash Creations said...

Thanks Snitterdog! I love the colors on this one too.